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rashid follow-up to "noticed something unexpected"
I spoke to Jim Crew ( ) tonight about my question as to how raising a hoof can cause a lowered fetlock.  He explained it rather easily.  Raising the heel causes a release of the Deep Digital Flexor Tendon and a more engaged Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon.  The DDFT lies at the back of the leg and attaches to the bottom of the coffin bone or P3 deep within the hoof capsule.  The SDFT lies behind the DDFT and attaches at 4 points near the bottom of P1 and the top of P2 in the fetlock joint.  Elevating the heel releases some pressure on the DDFT as the front of the coffin bone tips downward, and the SDFT engages as the pastern angle lowers causing the fetlock, leg, knee, shoulder to drop slightly. 

The pad combination used on Rashid elevated the entire hoof but was thicker in the medial heel than the medial toe and likewise the lateral heel v.s. the lateral toe.


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